How We Make Your Home Safe


Since you can't smell or see Radon gas, the only way to detect it is with a Radon test.


Health Canada recommends that you take a standard 90 day test during heating season (November to April) for the most accurate Radon measurement. These tests, which include the cost of laboratory analysis, can be purchased through RadonArc, the NB Lung Association, or your local hardware store. Every test comes with detailed instructions.


Worried about the dangers of Radon? RadonArc offers a quick 2-7 day test that will give you an "estimate" of how much Radon is in your home prior to taking the 90 day test.


If your home or building tests positive for Radon levels above Health Canada's guideline (200 Bq/m3) CONTACT US and we'll schedule an investigation. With our specialized equipment and training we can easily identify how Radon enters and moves through the building.



After completing our investigation, we can then design and install a system that will safely remove Radon from your home or building. Once the system is installed, we retest to make sure that Radon levels are well below Health Canada's guideline.


Our systems require minimal maintenance, but need to be monitored periodically. It's easy to do and one of our experienced staff will show you how.